Top 10 Backpacker Must-Haves: Save Money When Traveling

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Backpacking can be a fun and exciting experience. The problem some people have with backpacking is either they pack too heavy or pack too light. There are some backpacker must-haves that aren’t too much to bring but also save you from a lot of trouble. Check them out.


backpacker must-haves
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What are the 10 essentials for backpacking?

1. Tent

Instead of having to rent out a room, maybe set up a tent in an area that is free to use. Some resorts allow you to set up a tent for much cheaper.


2. Backpack

Obviously, it is important to have a backpack that is capable of carrying all your things with a little more allowance just in case you decide to bring something home.


3. Kitchen supplies

Cooking generally saves money. A simple pan or pot can take you a long way for water, drinks, and also food.


4. Repair kit

Instead of having to replace some equipment, it is important to have a repair kit so you can simply repair it.


5. Water bottles

Whenever you get the chance to get clean water, make sure to refill your water bottles instead of having to buy new ones.


6. Snacks or pack meals

Buying affordable food allows you to not overspend when there are no cheaper alternatives to the food being sold.


7. Emergency and hygiene supplies

If you have a first aid kit around, chances are you won’t have to pay for small accidents that can be remedied by yourself. Probably the most important backpacker must-haves.


8. Stove and fuel

A small portable stove allows you to cook your own food instead of having to buy food in expensive places.


9. Versatile clothing

Instead of having different outfits, make sure to use clothes that can be reused a couple of times and are also easy to clean. It might be wise to wash your clothes at night and let them dry until the morning.


10. Solar powered flashlight

Save batteries, invest in a good solar powered flashlight. It is important to find one that is effective as some of them barely work.


What are the essential things that I need to bring?

Those mentioned above are the basic backpacker must-haves essentials that could help you save money when backpacking. However, it is also important to have emergency money just in case something happens. This can be hidden in a flat fanny pack or money sack under your clothing for safekeeping.


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