Top 10 Backpacking Techniques: How to Not Get Ripped Off

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backpacking techniques

There are a few backpacking techniques in order to avoid getting ripped off and also allowing you to save money. While some places might be very affordable for you to travel to, it’s still wise to save money wherever you go. At the same time, backpacking also gives you a whole different experience compared to the regular tourist.


backpacking techniques
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How do you backpack for beginners? (backpacking techniques)

Beginners and professionals alike, these are a few effective backpacking techniques to save money.


1. Packet soap and shampoo

This is a great way to save up on expensive whole bar soaps or bottled shampoo. There are some places you can buy these cheap hygienic essentials.


2. Ask locals for price of transportation before asking the driver

Asking locals before getting the price from a driver allows you to reference them and not be taken advantage of. Of course, it’s better to not go way too low since you are still a visitor in their place.


3. Learn numbers in their language

Just learn enough to understand the prices of things and how much you are supposed to pay and how much change you should receive.


4. Opt for local transportation

Try not to take taxis everywhere but rather ride the local transportation whether it be motors, buses, or even horses.


5. Avoid “tourist spots” and ask locals where to go

Most tourist spots are overpriced and would automatically take advantage of their guests. Try asking a local if there is somewhere you can go for free.


6. Avoid expensive restaurants and eat at local diners

There are usually simple diners around the area that are much cheaper than those well known restaurants. This also gives you an idea of what the local food tastes like.


7. Don’t buy souvenirs, instead, pick up something as a remembrance

Souvenir shops make a lot of money from selling something that for one, isn’t that useful and for two, that is really not worth it. Try picking up something else. This adds to the sentiment as well.


8. Try street food (be careful)

Make sure that your stomach can handle the street food and that it is clean. From barbecue all the way to fruit vendors, depending on the place you are going to, there are usually street foods around.


9. Bring pack-lunches

Buying cheap meals and bringing them on your journey helps you save money.


10. Versatile outfit

Make sure to wear clothes you can reuse as well as wash on your journey.


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