Top 10 Best Home Workouts for Men Without Equipment

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Aside from just calisthenics, there are other emerging home workouts for men without equipment needed not just to add to the challenge but to instill the “no excuse” behavior when it comes to working out.


Calisthenics, freeletics, and a whole lot of other workouts try to incorporate the maximization of body weight and different techniques in order to get the most out of your workout without the need for equipment.


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Here are the best home workouts for men without equipment needed

  1. Pushups

There are hundreds of pushups out there and finding the one that targets a specific part of your body is very important for definition. While general pushups are also needed for whole body strength, do the research to find the perfect pushups for certain parts of the body.


  1. Planks

The plank is another one of the fundamental home workouts as it engages the core and the whole body in maintaining a single posture.


  1. Squat

Either weighted squats (carrying something) or regular squats, both of these are very important. Strengthening your thighs allows you to do more workouts over time.


  1. Jumping

Jumping onto an elevated platform engages your lower muscles and pushes it to extend while maintaining its strength.


  1. Mountain climbing

This is a really good exercise not just for your core but also for your whole body as well. This is also perfect for those that do not have the space to just run around.


  1. Curl ups

Like the pushup, there are a lot of variations with this workout and it can be done to work on different parts of the body.


  1. Russian twists

While this is usually more effective with weights on, those working out can always make due with a book or a bag with stones in it or other makeshift equipment.


  1. Superman

Stay flat with your core on the floor, stretch your arms out, then pull without having your arms touch the floor, this is a great way to force the core to engage itself.


  1. Burpees

This brutal workout is not only good for engaging the muscles but also for building endurance.


  1. Yoga

Certain poses have certain benefits and although you might be trying to gain muscle, solidifying those muscles is also equally important.


There are a number of home workouts without equipment out there but it is important to pick one that is in line with your goal. Learn the fundamental workouts above and see variations on how they can be improved.

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