Top 10 Best Ways to Lose Fat Aside from Running

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lose fat

Some people just really don’t like going outside and running. This is understandable as the exposure plus the number of people you might run into could make you uncomfortable and unable to focus on your workout. There are still a number of ways to lose fat aside from running.


lose fat
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These methods include both workouts and other things you can do in order to reduce fat without having to run.


10 ways to lose fat aside from running:

1. Change diet

Losing weight basically means working on a carb deficit so if you are gaining too much weight, try reducing the carbohydrate intake.


2. Keto diet

Keto is a trendy diet as of the moment that eliminates the carbohydrates to make your body focus on burning stored fat instead.


3. Introduce more liquids

Liquids are generally easier to digest which is why juicing and other liquids before a meal could keep you from eating too much.


4. Interval eating

This technique activates the metabolism without having to eat too much. Try having a spoonful snack or a small cracker every hour just to keep the metabolism rolling.


5. Jumprope

This is a great cardio exercise without having to go outside and run. In fact, doing this aggressively could bring you the same benefits as running itself.


6. Planking

Although not cardio, planking is still a great way to burn body fat as it engages the core and other muscles increasing body temperature.



High intensity interval training is a great way to burn more fat without having to spend too much time through intense workouts maximizing every minute. This is one of the best ways to lose fat without having to run.


8. Burpee

This killer exercise is a must for those looking to burn that belly fat without having to run outside. This is also a very intense type of cardio workout so you have to be prepared.


9. Crunches

There are a lot of types of crunches that engage not just the core but also the leg muscles which is basically what is engaged when running. The difference is that this exercise focuses more on the core than on the legs.


10. Fruits over processed foods

Changing from snacking on processed foods to fruits makes a huge difference. Generally, most fruits are not high in sodium and do not contain artificial sugar which can bloat you.


What exercise burns the most belly fat? What is the healthiest way for a person to lose weight? The best thing to do is to combine a good diet, substitute bad habits, and introduce working out in order to lose fat aside from running.


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