Top 10 Budget Vacation Places in Asia: Backpacking in Asia

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Palawan Philippines

There are a number of vacation places in Asia like Singapore or Macau but these places can be quite pricey. Going to Asia on a budget vacation means you’ll have to pick the right place to make the most out of your budget. Check out the perfect budget vacation places in Asia.


Backpacking is the best way to save money and for those that already have the experience as a backpacker, breezing through Asia on a budget won’t be too hard. However, for those without experience, it’s important to have extra money with you just in case you run out.


Which is the cheapest country to visit in Asia?

Asia is full of affordable countries but the cheapest budget vacation places in Asia are the few noted below. Asia is full of new experiences and for those that haven’t gone to Asia yet, prepare to be amazed!


What is the Cheapest Place to Visit in Asia?

Budget vacation places does not necessarily mean you’ll have to adjust way outside of your comfort zone. It just means that the currency power you might have will work better in these countries allowing you to get the most for a smaller budget.


What is the best country in Asia to visit? (budget vacation places in asia)

1. Columbia – around $50 per day

2. Thailand – around $50 per day

3. Vietnam – around $45 per day

4. Laos – around $40 per day

5. Nepal – around $40 per day

6. Indonesia – around $50 per day

7. Cambodia – around $45 per day

8. Philippines – around $60 per day

9. India – around $60 per day

10. Malaysia – around $60 per day


It’s important to note that these are backpacker-friendly budgets which means if you want the full experience without going overboard to luxury, you’ll have to maybe double the budget. However, this is not always the case as this budget can already get you a pretty decent experience.


Generally, these budget vacation places in Asia are cheaper which means you’ll be able to eat fresh fish, fruits, and other local delicacies for much cheaper. The power of your money will allow you to make the most out of your budget vacation.


What is the cheapest country to vacation in?

While Asia in itself is pretty affordable, there are places all around the world where your money is still very powerful. However, some of these countries may be hard to get to and Asia already has a pretty strong tourism presence so going to Asia could be easier.


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