Top 10 Celebrity Workouts: Techniques Applicable to Everyone

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Celebrity Workouts

Brad Pitt from Snatch, Christian Bale from Batman, Zac Efron from Baywatch, Jessica Alba from Into the Blue, Jennifer Lopez, and a whole lot more celebrities are all known for their stunning bodies. However, getting to that shape is no easy task at all as celebrity workouts can be really painful.


These celebrities spend hours and hours trying to get into shape. Luckily, some of their workout techniques are applicable to anyone who wants to have a stunning figure.


celebrity workouts
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Here are some celebrity workouts with techniques applicable to everyone.


1. Running

Despite going big or going small, jogging or running is the best way to start getting your heart rate up and prepare you for harder exercises. The trick is to either sprint when trying to lose weight, or hop and jog when trying to activate and get yourself ready for bulking.


2. Squats

Probably the most fundamental workout there is, while the upper body is oftentimes more noticeable, most of the strength and movement still comes from the legs.


3. Pushups

The trick is to find the type of pushup that focuses on the muscle groups you want to improve. Every type of pushup activates different segments and celebrity workouts focus on the ones necessary to accomplish the ideal structure.


4. Planks

One of the most basic workouts, planking is a good way to solidify the core muscles and arm muscles that you gained through the celebrity workout.


5. Boxing

A lot of people take up boxing as a way to add definition to their body structure, especially their arms. When you take up boxing, it is important to treat it not as just a workout but a sport in order to get the best results. Kickboxing is also a good option.


6. Stretching

Of course, bulking up for a movie but only being able to pose is completely useless. It is important that you maintain flexibility in your movement to avoid limiting the things your body can do.


7. Resistance workouts

This can be done by using weights, lifting, or pulling up. There are a lot of resistance workouts but the main goal of this is to expand and strengthen the muscle. Make sure you are doing it right, however.



High intensity interval training pushes the body to its limits in only a short amount of time. This is really good for those that want to focus on definition.


9. Yoga

Yoga is usually stereotyped as the breathe in, breathe out thing. However, Yoga involves holding a pose and activating muscles as well. This is extremely useful especially for women.


10. Martial arts

Martial arts is also a great way for you to maintain flexibility while building your physique. A lot of celebrity workouts include some form of martial arts to not only build flexibility but also toughness.


Different celebrities have different celebrity workouts which is why it is important to build your own.

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