Top 10 Men’s Business Suits Brands: Gentleman Must-Haves

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Best Suit Brands 2021

When it comes to men’s business suits brands, only the best deserves to be named. While there might be thousands and thousands of suit brands in the world, there are only 10 worth mentioning when talking about pure luxury and sophistication.


Luxury suits don’t always mean the extravagance and overly catchy suits that really make an effort to stand out. Sometimes, luxury just means your suit in the hands of the professionals.



When it comes to focusing on fabrics. This luxury suit brand definitely works with only the best in the world.

men's business suits
Image from Let ́s Talk About Luxury YouTube


Does this name sound familiar? Well, Tom Ford is a popular favorite of rapper Jay-Z and a lot of others.

men's business suits
Image from Mr. Porter YouTube


Responsible for the suits of 40 out of 45 presidents and even the casts of Mad Men.

men's business suits
Image from Brooks Brothers YouTube


Italian style turned international. The fit is bold but not overly eye-catching. Stirred, not shaken.

men's business suits
Image from Brioni YouTube


Superior construction for a sturdy suit. This is the epitome of a suit being an investment.

men's business suits
Image from oxxfordsuits YouTube


Amazing fits and carefully crafted sizings. This brand screams luxury. Who doesn’t know about Gucci? One of the best men’s business suits you could get.

men's business suits
Image from GUCCI YouTube


Italian once again but this time, in a more classical fashion. Rich in culture while also adjusting to the times.

men's business suits
Image from STEFANO RICCI YouTube


This popular suit brand makes use of 1970s suits designs and turns them around into something truly modern and elegant.

men's business suits
Image from Armani YouTube


Giving a French touch to a gentleman’s appearance. If you don’t mind standing out or even like the attention, this could be the perfect suit brand for you.

men's business suits
Image from GIVENCHY YouTube


Making perfect suits since the 1930s. The reason why this brand has survived says it all: Superior, ageless, and quality suits.

men's business suits
Image from Corneliani YouTube

When it comes to picking out the perfect suit, it is important to factor in what you look like, what you want to look like, and what is a practical fit. The good thing about a suit is that it can turn a man’s appearance around.


What are the best men’s business suits?

This really depends on what type of man is going to wear the suit. Depending on the personality, the fit, the built, and the overall presence of a man, there is a perfect suit out there waiting for him to put it on.


Of course, when it comes to business, you’d want something that doesn’t scream out but something that attracts due to its calming but also alluring aesthetic.


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