Top 10 Part-Time Online Jobs for College Students

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While there might be some local part-time jobs around the area, sometimes, the college student doesn’t really have the luxury of time to go out for those jobs. There are a few part-time online jobs that can be done to earn money during your free time.

While most online jobs are full-time, there are a few that allow part-timers to work which means you’ll have a lesser workload or maybe a flexible one. The beauty of online jobs is that they can be done in comfort without having to go to the office or place of work every day.


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Does online jobs really pay?

Legitimate online jobs do pay. However, they do not always pay that well. It is still important to find an online job that won’t waste your time by paying too low or taking up too much of your time that could jeopardize your studies.

Of course, like any other job, there could still be competition which is why putting your best foot forward is still important.


What work can I do online?

1. Customer support

This job focuses on dealing with customer complaints, inquiries, and other questions.


2. Virtual assistant

This is a very flexible job. As long as you are good with your time and are organized, this could be a good fit.


3. Writer

Writing part-time is a good way to earn especially if you write well and write fast. Writing is usually flexible so you’ll be able to work during your free time as long as you don’t exceed the deadline.


4. Transcriber

You’ll have to have good ears for this. However, there is a technique. Use an audio-to-text tool to do the initial transcription then go over and edit along the way.


5. Graphic artist

Videos and photos and other forms of posts. If you have the creative edge, this could be a fun part-time online job for you.


6. Social media manager

If you’re good with social media, managing a company’s social media could be a piece of cake for you.


7. Chat support

Same with customer support, chat support helps tend to the customer through chat.


8. Voice support

The same thing with a chat support except through call.


9. Online English teacher

Teaching English to kids or adults around the world could be a good way to make money if you are patient and good with teaching.


10. Sales representative

This can be a brutal job but sometimes, the incentives make it worth it.


Working one of these part-time online jobs is a great way to spend your free time instead of scrolling up and down social media.


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