Top 10 Vacation Destinations in Asia: Beaches, Falls, & More

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Thailand Beaches

There are many vacation destinations in Asia but for those that really want to get away from city life and immerse themselves into nature, stepping out of your comfort zone is a must. While Asia is generally modernizing, there are a few places that still hold that magical wonder that nature has without having to sacrifice the basic necessities when stepping outside your comfort zone.


vacation destinations in asia
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Which is the best country for tourists?

Depending on what you are looking for, there are a number of places in different countries that all offer something new like mountains, rivers, caves, falls, and more. In order to answer this question, it is important to know what you are looking for. Is it beautiful boat rides down the river? Climbing up a mountain? Bathing at the foot of nature’s falls? Or enjoying a solemn beach?


What is the best country in Asia to visit?

Asia holds a lot of hidden gems but this technically still depends on what you are searching for. While some Asian countries have modern twists and wild parties, others are more rural and provide that serenity you might be looking for.


What is the cheapest country to travel to?

In general, traveling to a city may be a bit more expensive. However, coming from a first world country, the exchange rate should be on your side. In order to really maximize your money, it is important to go to a place where there are not a lot of tourists like a hidden resort or other hidden wonders.


Best vacation destinations in Asia:

1. Bali Beaches – Indonesia

2. Aliwagwag Falls – Philippines

3. Ubud Rice Terraces – Indonesia

4. Mt. Apo – Philippines

5. Mondulkiri Falls (dirt roads) – Cambodia

6. Mt. Fuji – Japan

7. Phuket Beaches – Thailand

8. Himalayas – Tibet

9. Mt. Phou Si – Laos

10. Phetchaburi Caves – Thailand


While there are too many to mention, these particular vacation destinations offer a different kind of experience than one you might be expecting. Instead of going to the most popular vacation places, why not discover something new?


Asia has a lot to offer especially to those people who are willing to go literally the extra mile to see that breathtaking view and experience the full adventure. However, it is still advised that you contact a tour guide to take you around and make sure that you or the party you are traveling with are safe and can get to where you want to go.

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