Top 10 WhatsApp Alternatives with End-to-End Encryption

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With the Facebook-owned application’s recent update in privacy policy, it seems like users are now looking for WhatsApp alternatives or messaging apps with end-to-end encryption in order to guarantee their safety.


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Which apps use end to end encryption?

1. Signal

Is Signal end to end encrypted? Promoted by Elon Musk and Edward Snowden, this is one of the most secure messaging apps with end-to-end encryption offered as of the moment.


2. Viber

Viber reportedly has end-to-end encryption included however, users might have to activate it first and still watch what they send.


3. Dust

Encryption is very important and Dust is one of those messaging applications that also focuses on providing secure communication.


4. Threema

This is one of the more sophisticated end-to-end encryption messaging apps since it can protect chats with a pin code. However, it costs 2.99 euro.


5. Wickr secure messenger

The Wickr secure messenger is open source which means it does not require any email or other forms of information for it to use. Users won’t be traced unless they provide their full information.


6. CoverMe

This particular messaging app with end-to-end encryption focuses more on encrypted calls and voice messages. This could be a good option to choose if you are more fond of calls instead of just messaging.


7. Silence

This is another app that focuses on end-to-end encryption. From the name itself, this particular messaging app is focused on privacy and makes sure that the data being exchanged cannot be stolen by a third party.


8. Pryvate Now

The company behind this app tries its best to pioneer some really powerful security features that are essential in protecting your privacy whenever sending messages, videos, or doing calls.


9. SureSpot

This simple messaging device might not be as elaborate as others but it focuses solely on security and makes sure its users are heavily protected with the right end-to-end encryption systems.


10. Wire

This is another open source collaboration which means that data is not being stored anywhere and the users can safely keep their data secured.


Messaging apps with end-to-end encryption are very important in this day and age. Not only are big data mining companies getting users information, they are also using it to make profit!


With WhatsApp’s recent policy update that noted that it will share user data to Facebook giving access to certain private conversations, files, and etc., users all over the world have started to search for the right messaging app with end-to-end encryption.


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